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8. Assign your computer a static IP address on your network. (Warning: This is an advanced measure. Although rare, the use of a static IP address can sometimes result in dynamic IP address conflicts, and the specific resolutions of those conflicts will depend upon many setup and configuration factors. Therefore, you should be prepared to reverse this setting if you experience device conflict issues.) At startup, your computer spends time negotiating with the network for a virtual IP address, so by assigning a static IP address, you eliminate the need for this task, thereby reducing your startup time. To assign a static IP address, start by collecting the necessary IP information as follows. Enter the phrase CMD in the Windows Search box, and in the resulting Command window, at the C:> prompt, type IPCONFIG/All and press Enter to display the current IP information you will need, as circled in red at the top of the screenshot below. Next, from Control Panel, select Network and Sharing Center, Change adapter settings. Right-click on your local adapter (or Wi-Fi adapter option if you use Wi-Fi for your network connection) and select Properties. Scroll to and select the option titled Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and then click the Properties button. In the resulting Properties dialog box, click the button labeled Use the following IP address, and enter the IP address information collected via the instructions above and as pictured below. Enter in the Preferred DNS server text box and in the Alternate DNS server text box, and be sure to check the box labeled Validate settings upon exit so the system will test your new settings before finalizing the new static IP address.

Essay On Advertising Is Necessary niveau magix connect


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