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We have a web application that displays a variety of document types to the user. When a user tries to view a docx file, they get a dialog box asking them if they want to save the file "DisplayDocument.aspx" if they are using Office 2003.

Download docx

I can reproduce this behavior and I've tried installing the Word Viewer and the File Type converter (in both orders). I've checked and that file type is associated with Word on my local box and the docx MIME type is loaded on the server.

I am imagining that part of the problem is that our security policy does not allow any files to be opened in the browser and that they have to be downloaded to the users local machine before they are opened so the virus protection can scan them, but I can't see why it would be affecting the docx and not the doc files.

You can use a HTTP Header to force it to download instead of attempting to open the file. That way, when it asks to save it, the file has the correct content type and can be saved as a docx file. See -us/library/ms524327.aspx

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Refactor docx.Document from an object into a factory function for newdocx.document.Document object. Extract methods from prior docx.Documentand to form the new API class and retiredocx.Document class.

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I am using Hotdocs portal, which is an in-house document assembly tool. Firefox is the recommended browser, but it is recently handling 2016 docx files incorrectly. When we choose a file on the portal site (internal site), we go through the interview and are presented with a link to "download" the assembled file. When you click that link, a pop-up appears showing the file name as abc.docx but then says it is a Word 97 - 2003 document, even though it is not. The original template is not. If I choose to open the file, it ends up opening and showing as abc.docx.doc If I save the file, instead of opening it, it saves as abc.docx.

If we run this same process in IE/Edge, the file opens as abc.docx as it should. I have uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled. Is there anything that could be causing this? I've tried a bunch of troubleshooting steps and nothing seems to change this outcome.

You can inspect the MIME database key with the registry editor (regedit.exe) and do a search for that MIME type (file extension) via Ctrl+F.Be cautious with editing the registry as there is NO UNDO possible: all changes are applied immediately.You can export key(s) in the registry editor before making changes.You can check specific file extension keys (e.g. .docx) in the registry with the registry editor.

It seems doubtful that your HotDocs server started serving files differently -- unless it was updated recently -- so perhaps there is a problem with your application preferences in Firefox. As a test, could you try some .docx files from a Microsoft server? For example, this randomly selected search result:

That opened as a docx, so it was a good test. Thank you for that. This means it's not a Firefox issue, but something specific to how Firefox and Chrome are handling these docs from HotDocs. So confusing.

However, Firefox should not modify (in this case rename) the file at all. Juts download is as it is and open it.At least is there any way to prevent Firefox from renaming the file after download and before opening it?

Are your docx files trying to be run as zip files from the client? Since Office2007 files are essentially just xml files zipped together, Unix treats them like regular zip files, due to their magic numbers. And thus Apache sends the wrong MIME type headers.

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You can also download a Google Doc through the Google Drive interface. Google Drive, unlike Google Docs, will let you select and download multiple files at once. The document will download in the Microsoft Word file format (.docx).

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