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Learn How to Program Your Baofeng UV 8D Radio in Minutes with a Software or Keypad

all the channels in this radio are stored in the database, so it isnt necessary to program them. however, if you are looking for a specific channel, that is not in the database, you can add it. it is very easy. the process is: enter the channel frequency, enter the channel number, then enter the channel name. you can add as many as you like to the database. you will have to add them in the database, not in the software.

Baofeng Uv 8d Software Download


i bought the version of this radio that had the squelch issue. i discovered the issue recently when i read a review mentioning it, several months after my purchase. i contacted customer service via email, thinking it had been too long since my purchase to have it replaced. i was wrong. they offered to swap out my unit. extremely happy with the service. i'll be buying all the radios i can from these guys from now on if they have them in stock. about the radio. breeze to program even without using a computer, great looking display, and pretty good battery life (doesn't last for days like the baofeng, but it definitely gets the job done).

im going to briefly describe (without getting into all the options) how to use chirp to simply program your baofeng. this is not a tutorial on all the options. instead, how-to simply add frequencies to your baofeng radio. once you get started, lots of it is intuitive. especially if you already understand radio principles. theres also plenty of online resources to help, if you search for it.

i use the wouxun kg-uv8d for fire/ems/rescue. so far no problems to report. the good..programming a snap. this is my first time programming a radio and it was easy with the included software/cable. case feels very substantial, haven't dropped it yet but feels as if it could take a pretty hard hit. features abound (took longer to go thru menus than it did to program!), nice clear screen, backlit keys, buttons useable even in gloves. performance wise its great. i can hit repeaters in my area that most other brands can't/won't. the bad.sound seems tinny. its loud but if user on the other end is not speaking clear the sound distorts easily. the channel knob can be touchy sometimes as well, you can't just rapid turn it 5 clicks and be up/down 5 channels, not a big deal, you just have to click 1 ch per second. would also recommend applying a cell phone style screen protector or case. overall this radio works great indoors or out, and in all conditions and terrain. as i stated my use is in the fire/rescue service and it works great. on a recent rescue call i was able to hit repeaters in my area that 3 other brands of portables and mobiles could not. the dual rx/tx feature is great, we use multiple channels a lot and this is like having 2 radios in one. the led flashlight works great as a here i am light when doing search and rescue. yes its not a big brand or us made but what you get is a great package at a lot lower cost than even a used big brand radio.


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