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Let's Explore The Farm (Junior Field Trips) Download For Windows 10 [TOP]

All the fun of a field trip without leaving home! The Farm captures all the fun, energy and excitement of a real working farm. Kids can visit the big red barn and watch a cow being milked. Take a peek inside the chicken coop and find out where eggs come from. Help harvest the corn and feed the pigs. Don't miss the pond- there's a beaver dam to explore. And that's only the beginning. Junior Field Trips turn kids loose to discover exciting new places up close and on their own. Children decide where they want to go and how much they want to know. Detailed explanations, lively sound effects and colorful animation make every trip truly one of a kind. Kids will want to visit The Farm again and again. It's a place where understanding and experience grow and fun never ends. Let Buzzy the Knowledge Bug guide your child on a fun-filled trip to the farm!

Let's Explore the Farm (Junior Field Trips) download for windows 10


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