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How to Enjoy Raymond E. Feist's Magician on Your E-reader: A Guide to Epub Download

H4: The Riftwar H4: The characters of Magician H2: Why is Magician a masterpiece of fantasy? H3: The originality and creativity of Feist's worldbuilding H4: The magic system H4: The races and cultures H4: The history and lore H3: The depth and complexity of Feist's storytelling H4: The themes and messages H4: The twists and turns H4: The emotional impact H3: The popularity and influence of Feist's work H4: The sales and awards H4: The adaptations and spin-offs H4: The legacy and fandom H2: How to download Magician as an epub file? H3: What is an epub file and why use it? H3: Where to find Magician as an epub file? H4: Official sources H4: Alternative sources H4: Tips and warnings H2: Conclusion Table 2: Article with HTML formatting Raymond E. Feist's Magician: A Classic Fantasy Epic

If you are a fan of fantasy literature, you have probably heard of Raymond E. Feist's Magician, one of the most acclaimed and beloved novels in the genre. Magician is the first book in the Riftwar Saga, a series that spans over 30 books and decades of publication. It is a story of magic, war, adventure, friendship, love, betrayal, and destiny that will take you to a rich and diverse world full of wonders and dangers.

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In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Magician, including what it is about, why it is a masterpiece of fantasy, and how to download it as an epub file. Whether you are new to Feist's work or a longtime fan, we hope you will enjoy this journey into the realm of Midkemia.

What is Magician about?

Magician is a novel that was first published in 1982 by Doubleday in the US and Granada in the UK. It was later revised and expanded by Feist in 1992 to celebrate its tenth anniversary, adding over 15,000 words of text that were omitted from the original edition. The revised edition is considered by Feist as the author's preferred edition, and it is the one we will refer to in this article.

Magician is divided into two parts: Apprentice and Master. The first part follows the life of Pug, an orphan boy who lives in Crydee, a frontier town in the Kingdom of the Isles. Pug is apprenticed to Kulgan, the court magician, who teaches him the basics of magic. Pug's life changes when he meets Tomas, a young warrior who becomes his best friend, and Princess Carline, who becomes his love interest.

The second part follows Pug's adventures after he is captured by the Tsurani, a warlike race of invaders from another world called Kelewan. Pug learns to master a new form of magic that is unknown in Midkemia, and earns a new name: Milamber. Meanwhile, Tomas inherits a legacy of ancient power from a mysterious race called the Valheru. Together, Pug and Tomas will play a crucial role in the fate of two worlds that are connected by a rift in space and time.

The plot of Magician

The world of Midkemia

The story of Magician takes place mostly in Midkemia, a world that resembles medieval Europe with some elements of fantasy. Midkemia has four continents: Triagia, Novindus, Wiñet, and Roldem. The main setting of the novel is Triagia, where the Kingdom of the Isles is located. The Kingdom is ruled by King Rodric IV, who is advised by his brother Prince Erland and Duke Borric of Crydee.

Midkemia is populated by various races and creatures, such as humans, elves, dwarves, goblins, trolls, dragons, and more. Some of them are allies, some are enemies, and some are neutral. The most prominent human nations in Midkemia are the Kingdom of the Isles, the Empire of Great Kesh, the Kingdom of the Isles, the Kingdom of Rillanon, and the Free Cities of Natal.

Midkemia also has a rich history and lore that spans thousands of years. Some of the most important events in Midkemia's past are the Chaos Wars, the Dragon War, the Serpentwar, and the Riftwar.

The Riftwar

The Riftwar is the main conflict that drives the plot of Magician. It is a war between Midkemia and Kelewan, two worlds that are separated by a dimensional barrier called the Void. The Void can be breached by opening rifts, portals that allow travel between worlds. The rifts are created by using a powerful form of magic called the Greater Path.

The Riftwar begins when a group of Tsurani magicians open a rift near Crydee and send an army of soldiers to invade Midkemia. The Tsurani are looking for new lands to conquer and resources to exploit, as their own world is overpopulated and depleted. The Tsurani are also engaged in a civil war among their noble houses, which compete for power and prestige in the Assembly, the ruling body of Kelewan.

The Kingdom of the Isles is caught off guard by the Tsurani invasion and struggles to defend itself. The war lasts for several years and involves many battles, sieges, raids, skirmishes, and diplomatic maneuvers. The war also affects the lives of many characters, who face danger, loss, betrayal, heroism, sacrifice, and destiny.

The characters of Magician

Magician has a large cast of characters that represent different perspectives, backgrounds, roles, and motivations. Some of them are protagonists, some are antagonists, and some are somewhere in between. Here are some of the main characters of Magician:

  • Pug/Milamber: The main protagonist of Magician. He is an orphan boy who becomes a magician's apprentice in Crydee. He has a natural talent for magic but lacks formal training and discipline. He is loyal, brave, curious, and compassionate. He falls in love with Princess Carline but is separated from her by the war. He is captured by the Tsurani and taken to Kelewan, where he learns a new form of magic and becomes a powerful figure in their society.

  • Tomas: Pug's best friend and a young warrior in Crydee. He is strong, courageous, adventurous, and loyal. He finds a suit of armor in a hidden chamber that belongs to Ashen-Shugar, one of the Valheru, an ancient race of godlike beings who ruled Midkemia before they were defeated by the dragons. The armor grants Tomas incredible power but also influences his personality and destiny.

  • Arutha: The youngest son of Duke Borric and the prince of Crydee. He is intelligent, cunning, pragmatic, and loyal. He becomes a skilled leader and commander during the war. He has a complicated relationship with his father and his brothers Lyam and Martin. He falls in love with Anita, the daughter of Earl Robert of Carse.

  • Carline: The daughter of Duke Borric and the princess of Crydee. She is beautiful, spirited, rebellious, and passionate. She loves Pug but is forced to marry another man by her father. She later regrets her decision and tries to find Pug again.

Kulgan: The court magician of Crydee and Pug's mentor. He is wise, kind, humorous 71b2f0854b


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