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How to Download Adobe AIR for Windows and Enjoy Rich Web Apps

An Adobe AIR application requires a minimum version of Adobe AIR. Typically, the Adobe AIR application's installation program makes sure that your computer has the correct version of Adobe AIR. If necessary, the Adobe AIR application downloads and installs the latest version of Adobe AIR.

I have a friend who needs a version of Adobe Air for Windows Vista. He has a financial bond program one his 11 year old Dell Laptop. So far I have not been able to convince him to upgarde the Laptop and re-enter his data. So my question is what is the version of Adobe Air that is capatible with Vista and where can I download it? All my gear is Windows 10 and my System tools aren't any help because I stopped supporting XP, ME and Vista six years ago.

download adobe air windows

We do not recommend using older version of Adobe AIR. However, since you need Adobe AIR for Windows Vista, you can download older versions from Find and download archived versions of Adobe AIR SDK page. Adobe AIR 29 runtime and below should work.

Hi, ridhijain, I can not download Adobe AIR for Windows Vista 32-bit, or it does not load or it sends me to version 30, or, this version is not for Windows Vista! I'm with version 16 !!!! It should update to version 29 and it does not. Could you tell me a place where I could do the update? Thanks.

Once you download the version of your choice from Find and download archived versions of Adobe AIR SDK , what is the exact problem that you are facing? Does it not get download.? does it get downloaded but does not get installed? dou you see any error message?

"Go to Adobe AIR Installer in downloads, right click and go to Properties, go down to Security and click on Unblock. All being well, it should work then" The 'Unblock' is NOT under is under the General tab in the lower half.

Freeware programs can be downloaded used free of charge and without any time limitations. Freeware products can be used free of charge for both personal and professional (commercial use).

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This license is commonly used for video games and it allows users to download and play the game for free. Basically, a product is offered Free to Play (Freemium) and the user can decide if he wants to pay the money (Premium) for additional features, services, virtual or physical goods that expand the functionality of the game. In some cases, ads may be show to the users.

This software is no longer available for the download. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for other reasons.

Adobe AIR applications can be published as native phone applications on certain mobile operating systems, such as Android (ARM Cortex-A8 and above[40]) and Apple iOS.[41] In May 2017, Adobe stopped releasing AIR for Android, and the app was eventually removed from the Play Store in September 2018, but it can still be downloaded through their website.[42] After Adobe's transition of AIR to Harman, they resumed support for Android and the latest version is only available there.[3]

The AIR SDK is available as a free standalone download for software developers to make AIR applications.[57] SDK users do not need to install any commercial software to use the SDK, although several options are available. AIR apps can be compiled from the command line using the AIR compiler included in the SDK; the compiler can also be called from an IDE to eliminate the need for the command line.

Adobe AIR is a free and powerful app development software that you can download on your Windows computer. The great thing about this software is that it lets developers run apps on different operating systems without coding in another language. In addition to this, it provides various tools for building 3D games and advanced applications. Furthermore, when using this developer tool, you can expect bitmap control, enhanced rendering, and a high-end user experience.

Users will be happy to note that they can open a variety of file formats using the default application associated with the file. Since Adobe AIR download supports multiple formats, you can easily open files with PPT, MP3, DOC, PSD, and PFD extension. You can also use it to create peer-to-peer applications and local apps that communicate with local servers.

For information about the transition of Adobe AIR, please visit the HARMAN website and the Adobe AIR Community Forum. AIR developers needing assistance can also contact HARMAN at

If your application has a GUI, you won't see its windows if you are running on Windows 8, 7, Vista, Server 2012 or 2008 because of Session 0 Isolation.Select Tools > Switch to Session 0... to move to the strange looking Session 0 desktop where your application should be visible. Here we see our BkMark sample doing its thing:

Before you make a FireDaemon service for your Adobe Air application, run the application manually to make sure it works as intended. For the purposes of this HOWTO, we will be using the example application named Bee (which can be downloaded here). By default Bee installs to "C:\Program Files (x86)\AIR Examples\Bee".

To debug .swf files in Adobe Flash Player, download the Flash Player projector content debugger for Windows, macOS, or Linux, which may still be available from Adobe's website at the following locations.

I've had my Mk1 Artist for awhile now, and just decided to use Tone Studio tonight to fiddle around with it on my new laptop. I downloaded all the prerequisite software from Boss, and then go to launch BTS, and all I get is some driver information window. Strange I thought. I've used the software previously, but it's been a year and on different hardware.

I douwnloaded a .air file (designview.air, to have a design viewer for flashdevelop). Also I have installed Adobe AIR, but still i cannot open this file. After the installation setup is finished i don't have any interface with the adobe AIR nor put it as the predefined program to open a .air file. Any solution to this problem?

Try to right click on the air file, and select open file with. In the window, click on browse, and navigate to the installation of adobe air. Make sure the box is checked for always use this program and then hit ok.

The problem was the way of installing .air files. As generally done in windows i expected that Adobe AIR would have a GUI interface, which don't. The way to install a .air file is to look the folder where Adobe AIR is intalled and run an exe that is called Adobe AIR Application Installer.exe. This will launch the GUI to intall a .air file.

I looked all over for a solution for not being able to open a .air file on a Mac Pro. I kept getting a message saying it was an incorrect file type. I reloaded Adobe Air, I re-downloaded the .air file. Nothing helped. The simple answer was to go to the .air file - it happened to BE in my Download folder - and, instead of double clicking on it as I had been doing, Right Click, then use the Open With, Other, and locate the executable file called Adobe AIR Application Installer. The .air file ran beautifully. Thanks to Restro Fad for getting me most of the way there.

I can not install Balsamiq_Mockups_3.5.5_bundled on windows 10. When I double clicked the installer, something went on for a few seconds and then nothing. I already install Adobe Air. I just sent email to support too.Can you give me solution to solve the installation troubles?

Once you have Adobe Air downloaded, you can go to any one of these locations to Download Kisekae 2. They are all accounts owned by the developer and are first party sites. A point to note, these sites are in Japanese, so if you think you will struggle consider installing a translation plugin in your browser of choice.

To access the Download you need to go to the download post on one of the sites linked above . These contain things like a link to the Adobe Air site, a link to report bugs and a list of bugfixes for the current version, and so on.

XCT is only used to convert/download custom user Smart Graphics Web XPanels made in VTProE and uploaded to a processor/server.XCT is not used to download default configuration Smart Graphics Web XPanels accessed at the "/setup" URL (refer to sections above for info about FW and "/setup" WebUI updates)

(2) Download and install the previous version of AIR (v33.1.1.385). I found it here ( -adobe-air/) (The file is reported as being 100% clean on VirusTotal but as the source of the file is not the original vendor, please install at your own risk.)

AIR seems to be a little unstable at the moment, having recently transitioned from Adobe to Harman. There are several known issues on the AIR Runtimes download page which Harman are working through (and, by the looks of things, a few unknown issues, too).Once the Harman version of AIR settles down and becomes more stable, I feel confident that there will be fewer issues with JuiecboxBuilder.

(2) Download and install the previous version of AIR (v33.1.1.385).Harman do not make previous versions available for download but you can still download it from here: -adobe-air/.The file from is the official Harman release of AIR v33.1.1.385 (genuine, clean and safe to use).I found the SHA256 hash for the 'AdobeAIR.exe' v33.1.1.385 file on a Harman web page archived by (search for " " and select the page dated 26 January 2021) and it matches the SHA256 hash of the file from

I have asked Harman if they would be willing to re-upload a link to v33.1.1.385 (the last official working AIR runtime for Windows) but, until such a link is available, please download v33.1.1.385 from FileCroco using the following link: -adobe-air/

When installing JuiceboxBuilder under v33.1.1.502, an 'unknown publisher' warning will be displayed. Please just click through this warning. This is a known issue, noted on the AIR runtime download page (link above), which Harman still have to address.This has no adverse effect on JuiceboxBuilder, though, which will run with full functionality under v33.1.1.502.


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