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Handbrake Constant Quality 1080p Tvl [VERIFIED]

iSpy I find to be quite good so far. It seems to use about 10% of my cpu (i5 3570k) per camera at 1080p/25fps recording to AVI. The feature set seems quite good, I can adjust motion detection quite well. And it has a few different modes which are handy, the default being 'two frame' but there is an adaptive mode which gets used to constantly moving objects in the scene. The sensitivity adjustment is good, as it shows a progressive bar and the 'trigger' marks so its easy and quick to fine tune it. Supports all main features such as alerts, triggered recordings, email, external scrips etc. There's a lot more features but to me it seems like a fantastic package for free softwareThe only thing I can fault it on is it seems to be a bit flakey with the network connection at times. I can view the camera through its HTTP interface and it's constant, never has any issues. But iSpy will occasionally lose connection for a second or 2 and thats kind of annoying. Additionally the framerate seems to struggle a bit, and I think its because its re-encoding the stream before playing it. The native software also doesn't have this issue.I'm not sure what protocol the native software is using, iSpy supports quite a few. But the preset for this camera is RTSP @ port 554. Whereas the native uses ??? at port 8000 and i'm not sure what to put as the stream URL

Handbrake Constant Quality 1080p Tvl

However when I get the streams through iSpy the connection is just crap. It's like it's saturating the line. The stream is coming from rtsp://admin:12345@[IP ADDRESS]:554/rtsph2641080p and i'm using UDP. But it just cannot sustain the framerate on default settings. It'll regularly drop at least a second or 2's worth of frames before it resumes playback. On higher quality settings it's unusable, the odd frame streams through. It's worsened by movement which bumps the bitrate up over a static image. The only way I can get it playing smoothly at a constant 10fps no matter what, is to set the camera itself to output at 720p, variable bitrate (max 2048) and low quality.The symptoms seem like a throughput problem, yet I can run iSpy and the web viewer simultaneously and the website is a perfect stream, even on 1080p highest quality with a bitrate at 8192kbps. iSpy will get some frames, then just drop and practically lose connection for many seconds unless I significantly lower the bitrate


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