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Vocabulary Workshop Teacher Acce !LINK!

Access 6 robust online courses that support creativity in the classroom, as well as monthly workshops by teachers, for teachers. Learn a new technique, build your toolkit, and earn PD hours in the process.

Vocabulary Workshop Teacher Acce

The FSAA Portal contains the most recent information and resources available for Florida educators. The Portal is arranged with differentiated access for teachers and administrators within Datafolio and Performance Task subpages. The following outlines the information available with direct links when applicable.

The IntelliTools collection of creativity tools -IntelliKeys(, IntelliTalk(, Overlay Maker(, IntelliPics(, andClickIt! ( - are now available for Windows users. This hands-onworkshop, will introduce the Windows version of these tools andshow how they can be used to help teachers, parents and trainerscreate and adapt materials for their classrooms. Solutions forassessment and access for students who need a multi-sensoryenvironment, will be addressed. Activities that demonstratesolutions that teachers have used to successfully adaptcurriculum, will also be presented. These activities, and manyothers, can be found on the IntelliTools Web Activity Exchange

The IntelliTools Activity Exchange on the World Wide Web,features activities submitted by teachers, therapists, andparents from around the world. These activities demonstrate howcurriculum is being adapted for students in many differentlearning environments. Most of these activities take advantage ofIntelliKeys and are accessible using customized overlays andswitches. Many can also be accessed by a mouse or the regularkeyboard promoting a more inclusive environment.

By using the tools in the Windows Access Pac to viewactivities from the Exchange, workshop participants will have agreater understanding of the potential of the tools for creatingaccessible curriculum solutions for students with specialneeds. 350c69d7ab


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